The concept of paleo diet originated with the work of Walter Voegtlin, a gastroenterologist in 1970s and this idea was further developed by Stanley Boyd Eaton &Melvin Konner and made available by Loren Coordain through his book – ‘The Paleo Diet’ released in 2002. In the year 2012 it was considered as a popular trend in the fields of weight loss and dieting and in fact by 2013 Paleo diet was one of the highly searched weight loss plan on search engines like Google.

The Paleo diet is believed to be confusion in nature where certain groups of foods are to be avoided. And hence they include major groups like grains, starch, dairy products; etc following the Paleo diet for months becomes a little difficult. Moreover it is a diet based on assumptions related to the digestive capabilities and nutritional requirements of our ancestors. And over the years human beings have evolved to tolerate the modern dietary changes. Apart from these factors there are no other drawbacks. And when you gain health benefits along with weight loss you can gladly follow this diet plan.

The minor drawbacks and how is it compensated

The very fact that this diet shuns processed foods is the upside of Paleo diet. Thus, you eat healthy when you avoid processed foods, foods rich in Trans fats and sugars, etc. Though you avoid grains and dairy products you get to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits which are packed with nutrients and fiber. The calcium that is otherwise provided by dairy products is supplemented by almonds and coconut milk.

The Paleo diet recipe book to help you with the diet

Paleo recipe book is the perfect solution to follow the Paleo diet with over eighteen categories and 372 recipes that will help you feel full. With these recipes you will never crave for the foods that you are avoiding. Not just meals but also dessert recipes are available in the book which will help you when you are avoiding sugar and dairy products but have a sweet tooth.

Maintaining your health is not just necessary to keep you on your toes all the time but it is also important to ensure a healthy and active old age. Hence eat healthily with a well planned paleo diet, be positive, lead a productive and healthy life and be happy. What are you waiting for?