All You Need To Know About Respirator Fit Test Singapore


A respirator acts as a protectoral mask when you’re in a hazardous environment. The workers must go for a respirator to ensure their safety and security. The industries which are working under pressure full units make it mandatory for their workers and employees to wear a respirator to protect themselves. But before you wear a respirator testing must be conducted. We shall talk about some details regarding the respirator fit test singapore. First, understand in a detailed manner the uses and with its safety measures that should be taken before using the respiratory fit tube. It is mandatory for any person in a hazardous environment to use it. This industrial product is recommended for all those who should work effectively and efficiently in a safe ambiance without any fear.

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Detailed description

The first thing to check when you are trying or respiratory fit test is its safety. Confirm whether it has a satisfactory seal or bearing between the bearer and the environment. Secondly, you have to check whether it is comfortable. Cross-check whether it is comfortable for the wearer to prepare for his work duties. Lastly, take proper training. Proper training must ensure how to use the respirator in the right way. The do’s and don’ts while using a respirator must be taken into consideration.

The employee must undergo an annual test for those who are required to wear a respirator. Before going for the examination one should ensure the required type of respirator is issued. Those who are facing changes in weight or facial features must immediately be informed to the concerned authorities. A respirator test may be qualitative or quantitative.


Employees who use tight-fit respirators should pass the respirator fit test. This ensures protection from hazardous and airborne infectious agents. Before the respiratory fittest one must get a medical evaluation done on whether the person is fit to wear the respirator. This is very important for the continued use of respirators in the future. The proper fit must be ensured and confirmed before you wear it in a polluted atmosphere. If you use the face shield with a positive pressure system first it should be converted into a negative pressure before the fit test is undertaken.