Dogs are rightly called the best friends of human beings, and it is always fun to spend time with them. But it is also true that you are not always free to play with them, which is why you need toys to keep them entertained and active even in your absence. In the dog world, plush toys are a fan favorite, but sometimes, the pups need more. What? They want interactive toys to keep their brains along with their bodies busy. They want crinkly voices, hidden treats, unexpected surprises, and texture – in short, the WOW and WHAM factor. All this can be found in the best interactive dog toys 2022.

Understanding interactive dog toys

As the name suggests, these toys interact with the pups more and keep them coming back. They catch the dog’s attention and retain it for a long time. The toys are made by keeping the following questions in mind:

  • What do dogs love?
  • What can be done to make the toys better?

With each variation introduced, the toys can be improved to provide a wholesome paws-on experience to your pup.

Various interactive dog toys

You will find plenty of interactive dog toys in the marketplace today. Some of the topmost choices are listed in the following points:

  • Treat dispensing dog toy

This toy bobbles, wobbles, and dispenses treats to your pup. The best thing about this toy is that if your dog has the working of the toy figured, you can level up the difficulty to make the game last longer.

Best interactive dog toys 2022

  • Chew ball

The simple design of this toy might be successful in fooling you but don’t be. This vanilla-scented ball is used to teach your dog fetch and retrieval techniques. Also, you can fill the ball up with treats to surprise your dog.

  • Hide & Seek plush toys

This puzzle game is quite simple for your dog. You can stuff small squeaky figures like hedgehogs, dinosaurs, and others in a soft tree trunk. The dog pulls out the hidden toys one by one and then pushes them back.

The other types of games that you will find all around you are:

  • Hide n slide puzzle games
  • Ball launchers
  • Hi-tech interactive dog toys

Buying dog toys for your little furry friend can be useful in many ways. It provides mental stimulation, slows down fast eaters, relieves anxiety, and helps keep their bad behavior in check.

You must choose an interactive toy for your dog based on what he likes, his age, size, chewing habits, and many more. Last but not least is, you can read reviews to get more information about the toys. Your dog will be so happy with the toys mentioned above.