Things To Consider Before Buying Cot Bumper Singapore

Are you looking for a baby bed? Buying the best cot bumpers for your baby is not an easy deal. You should be very careful while choosing a cot bumper. Your baby will spend a lot of time playing in the cots.  A cot is a one-time investment to make sure you buy a quality product that has a long run life. There are so many varieties of cot bumper Singapore available in the market.

What is a cot bumper?

A cot bumper is some kind of material that can be placed around the edges of a baby bed. It is made of cotton and it is thick that can prevent the baby from falling into the spaces between the cot and the mattress. The cot bumper ranges in varieties of texture, materials, and cotton.

Advantages of a cot bumper: –

cot bumper singapore

  • Cot bumpers are cheap and available in the market.
  • Cot bumpers are available in many different sizes, quality, sizes, and colors.
  • It prevents your child from falling out of a bed and prevents them to stuck between the cot and the mattress.

¬†Disadvantages of a cot bumper: –

  • It may cause the baby to suffocate when they roll over the mattress.
  • It may create unpleasant trouble for your kid.

Things to consider before choosing a cot bumper for your baby.

  • Safety rails: – These cot beds are designed in such a way with no open side. This is one of the oldest versions of a baby cot. A drop rail may be the best option because it helps the parents to avoid back pain.
  • Convertible cots: – Convertible cots can be converted into a bigger bed as the baby grows. These adjustable cots offer numerous benefits.
  • Choose the right material: – A fixed cots are generally made with strong wood or plastics. For safety, reason avoids the synthetic material, and try to choose wood over plastics.
  • Comfortability: – You have to buy a mattress for a baby cot. Try to buy mattresses that are made from natural materials such as cotton. This will reduce the risk of suffocation.
  • Safety: – Safety is most important of all therefore do not ignore the safety reasons for your baby. Choose a proper size cot with proper fixings. You can find many cot bumpers in Singapore in the market.

There are some alternatives available for cot bumper. You may use side drops, bed guards, bassinets, and infant sleeping bags over cot bumpers.