Here Is How To Choose The Right Vodka Soda

Are you looking to pick a different drink during your next night out? Maybe you’re at a bar or club and want to try something new but aren’t quite sure what to get. Consider vodka soda. A traditional rum and coke, a vodka soda is composed of two genres—vodka online, flavoring, and carbonation—and while it’s not quite as alcoholic as the former, it’s filled with drinkable goodness.

Today we’re going to show you how to choose the right vodka soda for the occasion:

Another consideration when selecting your drinks is the price point. There are plenty of good vodka sodas in the low range, which is a cheap option for a drink but still tasty to sip on.

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Here are some of our top picks:

Lime-flavored vodka soda from 7-Eleven. It has just enough carbonation and is sweet enough to enjoy in small amounts.  The 7-Eleven Lime Lime soda comes in a large can, which makes it perfect for sharing with others or as part of an appetizer platter.

Vodka soda from Coco’s. Coco’s is a popular restaurant that serves a large variety of meals. While the pizzas are top-notch, the drink menu is also quite satisfying. The vodka coke will set you back $3 and comes in a tall glass with ice cubes that crackle when you sip on them.   Coke-flavored vodka soda from 7-Eleven. A big can for cheap, this drink is ideal for sharing with others or for getting your buzz on before the night begins. The 7-Eleven Lime Lime soda is the most popular, but there are plenty of other flavors to choose from.

This drink isn’t for the entire family — it’s a little on the strong side. Ultra high-end vodka soda from Body English.  This drink is served in a tall glass, which makes it perfect for sharing with friends or having it at home as a nightcap. A strong cocktail when consumed, but delicious and worth drinking once in a while.

A play on traditional fruit sodas, this vodka soda has just enough carbonation to make it satisfying and add to its flavor. Vodka soda from Pullman Bar.  At the end of a long night, it’s nice to come home and settle in with a glass of vodka soda before bed. Pullman Bar also serves a variety of other great drinks, so don’t be shy to have more than one drink there!

The Vodka soda that started it all! Flavored Vodka sodas are relatively common throughout Russia and Eastern Europe, but here in the states, we’ve just recently seen them pop up in places. The flavor range is extensive for this drink, and it’s always an interesting option when you want something different (and cheap!) to sip on.

For a vodka soda that packs some serious punch, try this one from Body English. It’s a liqueur, so be careful when drinking it all by itself. If you want something that’s more of an “adult” drink, try adding it to a small glass of vodka and coke.

This is the classic fruit-flavored drink that most people associate with vodka soda. It’s like drinking Popsicle syrup, and it doesn’t get much better than that! Vodka Soda from 7-Eleven. The best way to consume this drink is with lots of ice because the flavor is quite strong!

Vodka soda.