The qualities of a good business manager

Today, start-ups are flourishing like anything. There is also stiff competition amongst established businesses. Hence, be it a new company or an old business, it is the role of business managers to ensure that the company does well not only in terms of profit margins but also the efficiency of internal departments in the company. Hence it is necessary that a good business manager has all the necessary qualities in addition to his or her educational qualifications.

Communication skills: The business manager for it computer is expected to constantly communication with many people and that includes both colleagues and customers. Hence, they should have excellent communication skills, not just verbal but also writing and nonverbal communication. They should be able to put across their thoughts and responses in a positive but efficient manner.

Team spirit: Business managers are in charge of teams in the organization. So, they should have excellent team building capabilities that ensure that each team member is treated with respect and each one is given responsibilities that can prove their calibre. Interaction within the team should be encouraged and their contributions should be acknowledged with rewards and benefits.

All-round knowledge: A good business manager should have good knowledge about different fields such as finance, HR, administration, marketing and so on. Finance knowledge is particularly important as it is the core of any business.

Popularity fine but respect more important: Business managers often are tasked with taking decisions that can sometime be on the extreme side. Hence they should focus on what is important to the organization and act accordingly. In the process, they may not earn the ‘most popular’ trophy but they will earn respect of their colleagues for sure.

Giving due credit: Since business managers are often head of a team, they are responsible for the performance of each member. It is thus the managers’ responsibility to ensure that the team remains motivated. What a better way to motivate employees than give them their due credit and reward them as and when they perform better.

Learner all the way: Business managers are expected to handle many responsibilities at time. They are also responsible for the progress of the company. Hence, a good manager will forever look to improve his knowledge and expand his resource base. He or she should try to find about the new trends and happenings in the related field and also about new technology and developments.