Why do people use menstrual cups during their period?

A menstrual cup is a small, flexible funnel shape cup made from silicone or rubber. It is where you can insert it into your vagina to catch and collect your period. Using the cups can hold more blood than the other methods, but it will depend on your flow as you can wear it for 12 hours. When it is your first time using the moxie menstrual cup, these are the things you have to know about using it.

Easier to use

Using the menstrual cup can be two to three times the capacity of a large pad or a giant tampon. It means you have less time to spend in and out of the bathroom. Once you are comfortable using the cup, you will not feel it. You will be free to get and do anything you like during the day. Since you cannot feel them inside you, you can do anything like doing sports activities and more.

Lesser waste

When people use menstrual cups, it will have a good impact on the environment. Women can last their period for ten years and more. It will take a long time to save the planet from using disposable products. When you buy a menstrual cup, you can use it during every period. For years you have been using the cup, there is zero waste period, and you can contribute well.

Menstrual Cups: What to Know

Easy to use

When you know how to insert and remove the cup, you will think it is not your primary concern. It is like a new thing that you will feel uncomfortable with, but when you do it many times, you can master it. When you use the cup, you must find the right fit, insert and remove the cup, and clean it. Once you memorize the steps, you will get the hang of it.

Save money

You have to think about the monetary costs of the products when you have to compare them to disposable pads. They have higher costs when buying per year, but for the menstrual cup, you can reuse it for years, and it comes in handy.

Healthier vagina

When you use menstrual cups, they will be healthier for your body. It is because it will not contain any harmful chemicals or bleaches that you can see in most pads. The medical silicone will not react with your natural flora, which can maintain a healthy environment. It also has a smooth material that will not cause the fiber to shed. It can also lead to infection and vaginal dryness. There is also a risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is low when you use a menstrual cup. It will be a rare condition where the bacteria from your skin, mouth, or nose manage their way inside your body.

Lesser chance to leak

A menstrual cup has a bigger capacity for those that experience a heavier flow. When you have to insert it into your vagina, the cup will pop open to make a seal that keeps the flow from leaking out. It will be a leak-free period when you know how to insert and remove the cup. But when you find your cup leaking, you may insert it wrong, which is expected on your first try.

There are more menstrual cup benefits than you thought. Using it makes your period easier and hassle-free. When you get comfortable with using it, you will get the hang of it. Many people use it because they want to do activities and cannot do it when they have to use a traditional pad.