Why do women love to use organic tampons?

Women are using 12,000 tampons in their lifetime and it will be good when it is from natural and pure cotton but it is not. These are the reasons why most women are using organic tampons for good.

Free from chemicals

Using non-organic tampons can have chemical materials and synthetic fibers. It has chlorine, dyes, bleach, and dioxins. Even the string that you are using and the covering are made from plastic. And even though the brands are advertising it as organic but it has still synthetic outer layers.

Don’t pollute the food chains

The tampons you use are staying inside your body for a few hours. The materials they made can be around the planet for thousands of years. And later on, it can break down into microplastics that can penetrate your food chains, pollute the planet, and be harmful to wildlife.

Protect the waters

It uses more pesticides than conventional cotton compared to any crop. But with organic tampons, uses 100% organic cotton. It doesn’t use any pesticides that help the water be safe and clean. And since the rainwater is being prioritized while in the production it makes a lesser pressure on local water supplies.

organic tampons

It’s biodegradable

Since it is made from natural cotton, organic tampons are biodegradable. After you are done using you can throw it in the bin. It will not make leak to a plastic particles or chemicals into the ocean or ground. But when you like to use a plastic-free tampon you can have a reusable tampon applicator.

Good for your vagina

It is already perfect but it is a highly absorbent membrane. Given that you are using tampon inside for the longest time, those chemicals has to be out of the equation. And there is a study that being exposed to chemicals can mess with your body’s hormones. But using organic is safe for your vagina.

It lightens your period

Other women are comfortable during their period after they have used organic tampons. As it gives them lesser cramps, itchiness, or a good manageable flow. And when you are getting irritation or bad cramps you have to change it and use organic tampons.

Lesser health risks

People are avoiding buying regular tampons as it has super-absorbent tampons. And it can affect your health because it has absorbent chemicals. These are the dioxins chemicals that you can find in most tampons brands that are being classed as carcinogens. And when you know the ingredients it is time for you to use organic.

Nothing to hide

Tampon brands don’t have to disclose the ingredient list except for skincare products. And when you don’t like to use something you don’t know at least using organic tampons is using 100% organic cotton.