How to Get Stylish with a Short White Dress

The little black dress is best during winter months while the white little dress is the must-wear for the summer. You can have it paired with a bootie, trendy sneakers and a fedora, or your statement choker, and you can never go wrong. Here are some ways to style up you little white dress if you have run out of ideas:

Wear it with a cool leather jacket and trendy sneakers.

For those who like to give their white little dress that edgy look, you can match it with a motorcycle jacket and a pair of stylish sneakers. This is a great outfit to wear on a casual date or when you are running an errand and you don’t want to look too trying hard.

Put it over a collared shirt.

If you want the old dress a breath of new life to it, put this over a collared shirt. You’ll be able to enjoy a fresh new outfit. When the heat is scorching, you may choose a short-sleeved shirt in a different color.

Pair it up with a statement necklace.

You will be ready for a great evening when you wear your little dress and pair it up with a statement necklace. This is a great outfit for you when you come from work and head to an evening affair. You may wear a coat over your shoulders when it’s cold outside. This can be a trench or a denim jacket.

white dress

Wear it with black ankle booties.

You don’t have to keep your ankle booties during summer. Just choose a white little dress that has a summery fabric. This will complement with the heaviness exuded by the ankle boots.

Wear it with a detachable collar.

Everyone has a white and plain dress stored in the closet which requires an update. The best way to improve it is to use a detachable collar. It is also a great way to add color to your otherwise-drab outfit.

Let your lips do the job.

You may opt to wear a plain white dress butwear your makeup a little differently. This is particularly when it comes to your lips. Almost everyone’s favorite is the classic, bold, and red lips. You may try any other color you prefer that will go with your dress.

Wear your strappy sandals.

If you want to look dressy using the little dress, you can pair it up with metallic strappy sandals when you are going out on a night out.

Match it with a fedora and motorcycle boots.

The little dress is not meant only for a prim and proper look. This can be combined with an oversized fedora hat and a rough pair of motorcycle boots.

If it is a casual summer outfit you want, you may use a T-shirt dress, a casual tote bag, and flats to complete the look.