Everything You Need To Know About Sea Burial

Sea burial is the procedure in which human bones are devoted to the ocean as a resting place. While historically designated for personnel of the Navy, someone might well be buried at sea with appropriate measures. In the case of sea burial, family members may prefer to hold a funeral near the coast or even on the sea itself. If there are many people in the audience, or if the climate and water situations are not perfect, family members will usually host the memorial service on land. As a rare characteristic, sea burial requires specific planning and permissions.

Can you be buried underwater?

While such burial at sea is not one of the most famous burial options, with only a few currently happening every year, it is an alternative that individuals get to choose if they desire.

  • A license should be acquired from the MMO, and candidates must be able to provide the following:
  • A certificate from the competent authority
  • A doctor’s certificate proving the person is fever-free and infection-free
  • Authorization from the prosecutor to be deported

Full body burials at sea are becoming more popular - Los Angeles Times

The individual who may have died must not be mummified and must be covering compostable garments, such as wool or cotton. They should also have an identification tag with the funeral director’s contact information.

  • help with paperwork, such as the credentials required to gain a burial at sea permit
  • Provide such a casket that meets the requirements established by the MMO
  • provide transport services from the funeral service to the vessel

The boat rental firm will manage a lot of the practicalities of the sea burial. They’ll:

  • use the information supplied by the mortician to acquire the resting place at sea permit from the MMO
  • help to determine the time and date of the burial using their knowledge and weather forecast research
  • transfer your loved one or any travelers to the burial site in a ship that meets the requirements

Not only is the financial difference a plus, but Burial at Sea is generally a simpler option. Numerous specifics come with a conventional memorial ceremony and land funeral that require time and money from everyone. By scattering at sea, you can considerably lessen your stress about these things.

Sea burial has a rich history and is one of the most traditional types of funeral service. It has been employed by the Greeks, Egyptians, and numerous nations’ navies throughout history.

Today, there are two options for requesting a sea burial: the US Navy or a civilian charter firm. Each has its own set of rules, but both will inform your family of the deadline, duration, and prime meridian of your loved one’s commitment.